Ralph Ginzburg: Short Bio

Ralph Ginzburg (October 28, 1929 – July 6, 2006) was a taboo-busting editor and publisher who helped set off the sexual revolution in the 1960’s with Eros magazine and was imprisoned for sending it through the United States mail in a case decided by the Supreme Court.

Mr. Ginzburg had a talent for the mail-order business, especially writing attention-grabbing promotional advertisements. He wed his business and publishing instincts to social activism.

In 1962, Ginzburg began publication of Eros, which was a quarterly hardbound periodical containing articles and photo-essays on love and sex. Herb Lubalin was the art director and second on the masthead.

Mr. Ginzburg’s eventual conviction on the obscenity charge hinged not on the content of his publications but on their promotion.


Needless to say … much of his copy is outrageous – and HIGHLY – attention grabbing.


Ginzburg went on to write several books AND to publish two other magazines, Avant Garde and Moneysworth.

(Bio info courtesy of Wikipedia and The New York Times)
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