Joe Sugarman: Short Bio

Joe Sugarman is both an amazing copywriter as well as a (multiple) business builder.

I first came to know Joe’s copywriting as he captivated as a teenager with hist “hypnotic” JS&A ads.

JS&A was a powerhouse direct marketer – from the early 1970’s through the Mid 1980’s – that focused on selling “space-age” products.

One of those products turned into a whole separate business Joe created called Blu-Blockers Sunglasses. JS&A was among the first to use a toll free phone number in their ads (800 number) for people to place orders.

Joe has inspired and taught many copywriters through his books, seminars and courses.

Make sure to search for all of the Joe Sugarman ads on View them, download them … and STUDY them.

Below is a link to some of Joe’s books. I highly recommend you check them out!

EXTERNAL Resources for Joe Sugarman’s books (I own them all – they are outstanding)
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